Design/Technical services
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Regional Technical Advisors

Guardian’s network of regional technical advisors offers highly knowledgeable, locally-based technical expertise on a wide array of topics related to glass. They're building construction experts ready to tackle any inquiry that comes their way, from glass performance, to reflectivity, to weight loads. If you've got a question, they can help you find the answer you need.

Integrated Expertise of:

  • Guardian’s Science and Technology Center.
  • Guardian’s Involvement in Codes and Standards.
  • Guardian’s Archives of Product and Application Guidance.
  • Guardian’s Suite of Technical Software Resources.
  • Guardian’s Regional, National, and Global Facility Resources.
  • Guardian’s Worldwide Project History.

  • Explanations of Technical Issues, Code Considerations, and Best Practices.
  • Comprehensive Center-of-Glass Energy and Appearance Modeling.
  • Technical Reviews of Specifications and Details.

  • Technical Presentations and Face-to-Face Project Meetings.
  • Letters on Guardian’s Practices and Technical Positions.
  • Orientations to Guardian’s Technical Software Resources.
  • ASTM E 1300 Structural Analyses.
  • Proprietary Thermal Stress Analyses.
  • Estimated Acoustic Performance Ratings.
  • Schematic Building Energy Performance Analyses.
  • Project-Specific Reports on Prospective LEED® Credits.
  • Customized Building Information Modeling (BIM) Content.

Additional Services Upon Request.